LabCalPlus is the iPAD version of LabCalPro. LabCalPlus has a new design and has new functions.

LabCalPlus features four main calculators:
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Molecular Mass Calculator for Chemical Formulas

This calculator allows the calculation of molecular weights of chemical formulas. Chemical formulas are displayed and the corresponding molecular weight and composition will be shown. More
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Molecular Mass Calculator for Amino Acid Sequences

This calculator allows to enter amino acids and post-translational modifications. Also average and monoisotopic masses are supported.
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pH Calculator

The pH calculator allows to calculate the pH of single components or the pH of a solution of acids and bases.
It is also possible to calculate the required amount of a given acid or base to achieve a desired pH value. This result can also be visualized by a titration curve. More
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Molarity Calculator

The molarity, dilution of a stock solution or the conversion between mole and mass can be calculated using the molarity calculator.